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 Yes, Saturday the 5th June 2021 was “My First Rodeo.” And boy what an event it was, the 37th Annual Shady Dale Rodeo in Shady Dale, Ga. And a special thanks to Warren and Wayne two professional photographers that made sure I shot straight, and to Kylee Campbell, Miss Rodeo USA 2021, who stopped and posed for me and made me feel welcomed. 

“This is not my first rodeo” is a famous saying in the USA

But this is, was “My First Rodeo” to the very day

There have been many “first” in my life

Some of them I have done twice

My first walk, words, ride a bike

Catch a ball, swim, and fly a kite

I learned to drive, got my first paying job

My girlfriend, my first real girlfriend – my heart got robbed

That first kiss, and the first time we made Love

My first born child a gift from above

And while these all were great, but of course

You never hear anyone say

“This is not my first intercourse” 


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